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the Magic

Will Tina draw better in the future?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8464141 369090 Will Tina draw better in the future? Outlook good
8464140 369090 Will Wilde get a glow up? Ask again later
8464139 369090 Will Wilde get a glow up? Ask again later
8464138 331875 Will Richard Hicks marry me? It is certain
8464137 331875 Will I marry Richard Hicks ? Better not tell you now
8464136 331875 Will Richard Hicks marry me? Without a doubt
8464135 855088 Did i pass exam #1 in COP 3223c? My reply is no
8464134 551739 Adam M. Hurwitz who works for Perecman Law Firm, can he be trusted? I just saw this disturbing website Adam Hurwitz 22TRUTH. Outlook not so good
8464133 922034 Does Hakim love me? It is certain
8464132 783782 how hammered is mic getting later Outlook not so good
8464131 783782 how hammered is mic getting later? My sources say no
8464130 57650 Will I get a paper check in the mail today? Without a doubt
8464129 57650 Will I get good news in the mail today? Outlook good
8464128 691802 Will I pass exam #1? NO!
8464127 505475 Should i beat my worthless little meat now? Most likely
8464126 505475 Should i beat james meat? Yes - definitely
8464125 505475 Does sally like dominate males? Yes - definitely
8464124 505475 Am i a s i s s y? Count on it
8464123 505475 Will mike message me today? Very doubtful
8464122 505475 Will mark send me pics today? Yes - definitely
8464121 326155 R uwtong? My sources say no
8464120 326155 Does tom love alice? My sources say no
8464119 326155 Tom going tomarry Caroline? As I see it, yes
8464118 326155 Does tom want to marry alice? Not in a million years
8464117 326155 Is tom going to marryfleck? My sources say no
8464116 326155 Will tom everremarry? Yes
8464115 345198 It is wrong? It is certain
8464114 345198 Will cvhgfv ever come back? Signs point to yes
8464113 345198 Will gjygjyh ever come back? Reply hazy, try again
8464112 326155 Will tom ever reach out to me agin? As I see it, yes
8464111 345198 hdsfjkhkjfhkj sjdfkshndkjhsdkj? Without a doubt
8464110 345198 Does ghhj know that's not true? Cannot predict now
8464109 326155 Fuller doesn’t think I fight it out? Count on it
8464108 326155 Tom knows alice knows? Very doubtful
8464107 345198 Is that correct? Most likely
8464106 345198 fhgfhfhg vgjvghhgj? Cannot predict now
8464105 345198 Will I be back? Without a doubt
8464104 333079 will my next set of QA scores be good? My reply is no
8464103 333079 will heather get SSDI benefits? Outlook not so good
8464102 345198 hdjkfhskjhfkj sdfkjfsjfjk? Outlook good
8464101 345198 Was that just a feeling? As I see it, yes
8464100 345198 hgdhahsf bdfsjkhfkjds? NO!
8464099 345198 Was that the message? My sources say no
8464098 345198 Is everything different now? Very doubtful
8464097 345198 Am I the blame? My reply is no
8464096 326155 Is his new song for fleck? As I see it, yes
8464095 326155 Will tom send me a message? Cannot predict now
8464094 289640 At his cottage Yes
8464092 289640 Will David and I have an affair Yes - definitely
8464091 289640 Will we renew Ask again later