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the Magic

hot blonde Miss South Dakota shanked ya

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8481114 174149 hot blonde Miss South Dakota shanked ya Count on it
8481113 174149 that's why you're slippin dawg. that's why you're slippin dawg Yes - definitely
8481112 174149 that's why you're slippin dawg My sources say no
8481111 174149 you're just too small between the little beaner legs It is decidedly so
8481110 174149 it's just too small for an adult female nevermind the fat chicks you attract NO!
8481109 174149 according to liz w. you have the tiniest little mexican pecker Most likely
8481108 740759 you're so ugly Concentrate and ask again
8481107 740759 you're too small and tiny It is decidedly so
8481106 740759 you're too small you ugly mexican Cannot predict now
8481105 740759 you're just a mexican. I don't even know why you're in the United States Most likely
8481104 740759 you wouldn't be able to tell though because you're so ugly Yes
8481103 740759 I wanna smack your face with a shovel Without a doubt
8481102 740759 just an ugly little mexican It is certain
8481101 740759 ugly little mexican. It is certain
8481100 740759 you're too ugly for that. Better not tell you now
8481099 740759 you aint no " ten " ! Outlook not so good
8481098 740759 your mouth could be fixed with a crowbar Outlook not so good
8481097 740759 your mouth is ugly, mexican Without a doubt
8481096 740759 mexican, go back to mexico Without a doubt
8481095 740759 that's not batman! that's just an ugly little mexican! Not in a million years
8481094 740759 those uppity white women are so insulted by that ugly little mexican Outlook good
8481093 740759 keep it away from the uppity white women because I don't want to be embarrassed My reply is no
8481092 740759 it's ugly Cannot predict now
8481091 740759 yeah it's a mexican My sources say no
8481090 740759 a mexicannn?! why a mexican. we don't have mexicans in South Dakota Without a doubt
8481089 740759 they have some little mexican for that ... Better not tell you now
8481088 740759 nobody understood what you were saying with it. what's it supposed to be? an employee of mousel construction who uses the leaf blower and does the horticulture and digs by hand Concentrate and ask again
8481087 740759 why send a mexican to South Dakota? it doesn't belong there. Without a doubt
8481086 740759 by the end of the wedding your mexican was a mexican jumping bean Very doubtful
8481085 740759 covid19 came from your mexican's mouth and beaner lungs. Outlook good
8481084 740759 it's ugly and doesn't fit in. Outlook not so good
8481083 740759 your mexican looks ugly on facebook. It is certain
8481082 311772 you're from mexico. that's why you're ugly. NO!
8481081 311772 ugly little mexican! go die in mexico Cannot predict now
8481080 311772 if I saw your mexican out in public, I'd never believe it was anything nevermind attractive to hot chicks Very doubtful
8481079 311772 you have no hot chicks! Without a doubt
8481078 311772 sad ugly little loser Very doubtful
8481077 311772 no hot chicks before the wedding. no hot during the wedding or in Rapid City. and no hot chicks in the decade after the wedding. your mexican is physically unattractive - ugly! Yes - definitely
8481076 311772 your mexican is very ugly. As I see it, yes
8481075 311772 nobody notices your ugly mexican from liz & don's wedding It is decidedly so
8481074 311772 your mexican isn't a looker. NO!
8481073 311772 they'd never even notice your ugly mexican. it would be just like hot blonde Miss South Dakota and Marilyn Neubert again Outlook not so good
8481072 311772 your mexican can't walk in there and attract my hot chicks. your mexican is too ugly. Count on it
8481071 311772 I'm too s e x y looking. hot chicks just want s e x with me and I don't have to pay them NO!
8481070 311772 I'm too s e x y looking NO!
8481069 311772 it's for s e x . Very doubtful
8481068 311772 I'm the hot guy Yes
8481067 746895 yeah they flirt with me As I see it, yes
8481066 746895 Here's my list of currently attracted hot chicks: hunan margaret glasses* hunan claudia/leandra* my new dollar general babe soft china garden buxom asian hot ass* china star s e x y chick glasses the sacred peaks devi dr dennys julie ward phat ass kelly dennys phat ass devi devi devi devi devi devi mcdonalds brunette the maneki kitty mcdonalds middle east winter taco bell timmetha resembling taco bell hot chick prime Signs point to yes
8481065 746895 you look ugly! It is decidedly so