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the Magic

Should I be doing my schoolwork today?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8534180 641021 Should I be doing my schoolwork today? Outlook not so good
8534179 867854 da fad bidges on the pcj youtube pg Cannot predict now
8534178 602409 that sheila takes ugliness to new heights... so what does sheila look like? ... uhhh if I don't tell you that I don't care about the conversation discussion, the ugly bidges looks like something between mama june and that fad Count on it
8534177 520830 damn it he is ugly tho As I see it, yes
8534176 520830 angel is the ugliest brother alive he looks like a rat Very doubtful
8534175 520830 should angel shut up and stop bugging his gf Outlook good
8534174 123937 Will I find my cat ? Outlook not so good
8534173 602409 and fat ugly sheila NO!
8534172 123937 Will Infind my cat ? Better not tell you now
8534171 602409 and dancing with old ugly barb Outlook not so good
8534170 123937 Did my cat runaway? Signs point to yes
8534169 602409 liz mousel the great big gigantic fad bidges is who you attracted Yes
8534168 602409 you didn't attract My sources say no
8534167 602409 you're jewish. you don't see reality clearly. It is certain
8534166 602409 it's not adding up to hot guy As I see it, yes
8534165 602409 hot blonde Miss South Dakota rejected you. Ask again later
8534164 602409 sad ugly loser Yes - definitely
8534163 602409 it's ugly Ask again later
8534162 602409 that mexican is no better than any other mexican It is decidedly so
8534161 602409 I grew up in California. I never saw anything special Outlook good
8534160 602409 ugly loser Without a doubt
8534159 602409 why black & white photos?... it's just some ugly mexican Outlook good
8534158 602409 I still don't get it Reply hazy, try again
8534157 602409 the same old ugly mexican photo Without a doubt
8534156 885855 Should I make a jrpg As I see it, yes
8534155 224780 I heard you beat your ugly mexican nephew in the looks department contest Signs point to yes
8534154 224780 hey don mousel... I heard something It is certain
8534153 224780 moving along Outlook not so good
8534152 520830 haha yes he is My reply is no
8534151 520830 is my brother annoying It is decidedly so
8534150 520830 /';.,lkmjnbhvgcfdxzsa\']';[pkoijuhgyftdresaw][=p-o0i9u8y7t6r5e4w3q1 It is certain
8534149 520830 what should my bunnies name be bad bunny or the white rabbit Not in a million years
8534148 3694 Should we buy the Rockwood Roo camper? Yes - definitely
8534147 520830 hey guys lol It is decidedly so
8534146 3694 Should we buy this camper? Concentrate and ask again
8534145 520830 is billie eilish the best person alive Not in a million years
8534144 729666 Fabiola wallace argument family members, Elijah and omar tells truth Yes
8534143 520830 are you dumb Reply hazy, try again
8534142 520830 is bad bunny a good name for a bunny NO!
8534141 520830 does my rabbit love me It is decidedly so
8534140 651680 Fabiola wallace argument family members, Elijah tells truth Count on it
8534139 723985 Fabiola wallace argument family members tells truth Most likely
8534138 723985 Fabiola wallace argument family members tells truth Outlook not so good
8534137 123937 Is spooky outside ? It is certain
8534136 123937 Is spooky in the house ? Outlook not so good
8534135 123937 Is spooky sleeping somewhere ? Outlook good
8534134 123937 Is my cat’s name spooky ? Yes
8534133 123937 Do I own a cat ? Very doubtful
8534132 123937 Do I have a dog ? Very doubtful
8534131 428491 Earl staten by house today tells truth NO!