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the Magic

Did he bang her?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8583862 505475 Did he bang her? Outlook not so good
8583861 505475 Did she stroke him? Better not tell you now
8583860 505475 Did she give him head? My sources say no
8583859 505475 Did Sally and Tom makeout yesterday? Without a doubt
8583858 572188 Number for teatime Count on it
8583856 572188 Show me number for teatime My sources say no
8583855 572188 Teatime sure bonus for today Yes - definitely
8583854 192051 is my blood sugar supplementt going to work for me Without a doubt
8583853 860614 Would Jeanette give me head? Signs point to yes
8583851 908038 ugly jewish people got picked on growing up Most likely
8583850 908038 ugly little loser Yes
8583849 908038 no hot women, no hot girls. only ugly fat chicks Yes - definitely
8583847 192051 will I wait for 10 years Ask again later
8583846 908038 ugly fat chicks Yes
8583845 192051 will I do it while I am still working My sources say no
8583844 908038 you lost because you're too ugly Outlook not so good
8583843 192051 will I have another choice Signs point to yes
8583842 908038 sad ... you have to be hot to win As I see it, yes
8583841 192051 will I be content to stay here if I update my condo My reply is no
8583840 908038 ugly jew keeps talking after it got rejected , the human argument Yes - definitely
8583839 908038 ugly little loser couldn't attract a hot chick in Rapid City My reply is no
8583838 908038 ugly jewish people can't win Better not tell you now
8583837 908038 she said your mexican was too ugly NO!
8583836 908038 hot tall Scandinavian blonde woman Most likely
8583835 908038 hot blonde Miss South Dakota It is certain
8583834 908038 ugly little loser Yes - definitely
8583833 908038 your ugly mexican is too small and too ugly. Not in a million years
8583832 908038 I attracted hot blonde Miss South Dakota Reply hazy, try again
8583831 908038 the navajo indian f u k k e d alyssa the blonde hard again Cannot predict now
8583830 908038 ugly loser f u h k k off Outlook good
8583829 192051 will I do private duty after I turn 70 Outlook good
8583828 192051 in 10 years will my condo be worth 600k Outlook good
8583827 192051 will I put money in my 401k rather than paying my condod off Most likely
8583826 192051 will I work past 70 at visiting angels Not in a million years
8583825 192051 could I get my condo paid off in 10 years Outlook good
8583824 337647 Will I be pregnant by holidays? It is decidedly so
8583823 337647 Will IVF work this time? It is decidedly so
8583822 192051 just a nicer condo Signs point to yes
8583821 337647 Will it work this time? NO!
8583820 337647 Will this round work? Ask again later
8583819 192051 could I ever afford a town house My sources say no
8583818 192051 could I ever afford a town house Concentrate and ask again
8583817 192051 could I live on my social security and pension in my condo when I retire Cannot predict now
8583816 168384 will i get my weight under control Count on it
8583815 192051 will Jon move out next year Count on it
8583814 192051 in 10 years could I get a nicer home Count on it
8583813 192051 will I be just as well off staying in my condo when I retire Without a doubt
8583812 669491 should I contact him? Outlook good
8583811 669491 is he and family ok? NO!
8583810 669491 is he and family ok? Better not tell you now