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the Magic

sad ugly little loser

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8583898 908038 sad ugly little loser My sources say no
8583897 908038 because its mexican face and body was too ugly. NO!
8583896 908038 couldn't attract in South Dakota. Not in a million years
8583895 829057 Predict me with 2 numbers for teatime It is decidedly so
8583894 908038 ugly little loser Very doubtful
8583893 908038 because they rejected that ugly little mexican It is certain
8583892 908038 it's true that girls from the Stevens High School dance team went missing along with their families NO!
8583891 908038 and then the jewish community who sent it to promote mexicans in South Dakota ( of which there are none and never were ) got angry and started killing white people in west Rapid City ( their own insecurities as jewish people ) Signs point to yes
8583890 336181 Will Aunt Franny be okay with what I emailed her today? Outlook good
8583889 908038 it got rejected by everybody Yes
8583888 908038 the A T F dropped off some small ugly mexican Count on it
8583887 908038 the A T F dropped off some small ugly mexican Concentrate and ask again
8583886 908038 the wedding in Rapid City at the church of the little flower in very late May 2010 Concentrate and ask again
8583885 908038 nobody wanted your ugly mexican Without a doubt
8583884 908038 it was just too ugly Reply hazy, try again
8583883 908038 it was just too ugly Outlook not so good
8583882 908038 yeah, nobody wanted it It is certain
8583881 908038 it was too ugly Outlook good
8583880 908038 nobody wanted it It is certain
8583879 908038 your mexican is too ugly in the face Most likely
8583878 169626 6can play teatime today Cannot predict now
8583877 53445 Will I win a little bit of money at the casino today? Yes
8583876 34483 I hope he gets calls Better not tell you now
8583875 34483 I hope he gets calls Very doubtful
8583874 34483 I hope he's happy with the future Without a doubt
8583873 34483 Hi how are u? As I see it, yes
8583872 34483 Hi how are u? Outlook good
8583871 572188 Number for teatime Count on it
8583870 572188 Bonus ball for teatime It is certain
8583869 515754 Then why should I text her? Yes - definitely
8583868 515754 Then why should I text her? Reply hazy, try again
8583867 515754 Please give an answer. Very doubtful
8583866 515754 Will Vivian respond positively? Better not tell you now
8583865 515754 Should I text Vivian? Signs point to yes
8583864 505475 Did he feel her up? My sources say no
8583863 505475 Did they kiss alot? It is decidedly so
8583862 505475 Did he bang her? Outlook not so good
8583861 505475 Did she stroke him? Better not tell you now
8583860 505475 Did she give him head? My sources say no
8583859 505475 Did Sally and Tom makeout yesterday? Without a doubt
8583858 572188 Number for teatime Count on it
8583856 572188 Show me number for teatime My sources say no
8583855 572188 Teatime sure bonus for today Yes - definitely
8583854 192051 is my blood sugar supplementt going to work for me Without a doubt
8583853 860614 Would Jeanette give me head? Signs point to yes
8583851 908038 ugly jewish people got picked on growing up Most likely
8583850 908038 ugly little loser Yes
8583849 908038 no hot women, no hot girls. only ugly fat chicks Yes - definitely
8583847 192051 will I wait for 10 years Ask again later
8583846 908038 ugly fat chicks Yes