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the Magic

Which five numbers are going to play lunchtime today

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8608526 636458 Which five numbers are going to play lunchtime today My reply is no
8608525 158667 Will I find a way to have money today for rent Count on it
8608524 973260 Is she gonna be my gf Yes
8608523 973260 Are they gonna break up? Without a doubt
8608522 973260 Does she really have a girlfriend? Yes
8608521 158667 Will margaret bug me after work Ask again later
8608520 158667 Will I win a decent amount of money after wirk My reply is no
8608519 158667 Will o win a huge amount of money after work Very doubtful
8608518 68345 Should I travel to Italy to meet my crush? Not in a million years
8608517 875493 casion good today Signs point to yes
8608516 875493 is the casino good tonight Ask again later
8608515 611277 Will I hear from Jay tonight It is decidedly so
8608514 611277 Will I see Jay tonight My sources say no
8608513 192051 he doesn't care Count on it
8608512 192051 has she lost any weight NO!
8608511 192051 will sheila keep this guy As I see it, yes
8608510 826197 I have more dreams of Beto Outlook good
8608509 826197 Beto thinking about me Very doubtful
8608508 826197 Beto send somebody to see if I did not go with jose As I see it, yes
8608507 826197 Beto made a chispa account Yes
8608506 826197 Beto feel in love with maria Yes - definitely
8608505 826197 Beto in love with maria Without a doubt
8608504 826197 Beto is in love with maria My sources say no
8608503 826197 Beto has problems with his wife Yes
8608502 826197 Beto eats his wife out Concentrate and ask again
8608501 826197 Beto eats her out Yes - definitely
8608499 826197 Beto f is wife Most likely
8608497 826197 Beto watching the baby Yes - definitely
8608496 826197 Beto has problems with his wife Signs point to yes
8608495 826197 Beto has problems with his wife Cannot predict now
8608494 826197 Beto crying for Maria My sources say no
8608493 826197 Beto crying for msria Without a doubt
8608492 419849 Beto crying for maria Outlook good
8608491 419849 Beto in love with maria As I see it, yes
8608490 419849 Beto wants maria Better not tell you now
8608489 419849 Beto dreaming about maria It is decidedly so
8608488 419849 Beto thinking about me Signs point to yes
8608487 419849 Art next store Most likely
8608486 419849 Art is next store Not in a million years
8608485 419849 Beto is hurting Not in a million years
8608484 419849 He will try to get at me at work It is decidedly so
8608483 419849 He will try to get at me at work Ask again later
8608482 419849 Beto thinking of me Outlook not so good
8608481 444534 is he lonely Signs point to yes
8608480 444534 is he at home It is decidedly so
8608479 826197 Beto going to try to get me to bed Reply hazy, try again
8608478 826197 Beto going to try to take me to bed Very doubtful
8608477 826197 Beto Thinking of maria Outlook good
8608476 826197 Beto very jeaulos when it comes to Maria As I see it, yes
8608475 826197 Beto is jeaulos Yes - definitely