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the Magic

will I be her fun grandma

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8634642 192051 will I be her fun grandma Signs point to yes
8634641 192051 will she prefer Jean over me NO!
8634640 192051 will they have just 1 child It is decidedly so
8634639 192051 will I file for grandparents visits Not in a million years
8634638 192051 is ben better than us Ask again later
8634637 192051 is steph better than us NO!
8634636 192051 will I get to see her kids Most likely
8634635 192051 does she think she is better than us Yes
8634634 192051 does she wnat us to stay in her life Very doubtful
8634633 192051 is this what she wants Reply hazy, try again
8634632 192051 is he forcing this on steph As I see it, yes
8634631 192051 will ben want to box us out of their lives Yes - definitely
8634630 192051 will I look good enough for rob Signs point to yes
8634629 192051 if I lose weight will I look good if I dress classy Very doubtful
8634628 192051 will I be beautiful some day My reply is no
8634627 192051 will I be beautiful some day with a beautiful husband and home Very doubtful
8634626 592081 22,37 Bonus ball 21 on uk Teatime are they going to apear today? Most likely
8634625 192051 does she fit better with the Petri's As I see it, yes
8634624 192051 will we happy without steph around As I see it, yes
8634623 192051 will steph leave us It is decidedly so
8634622 592081 How accurate these numbers 1,14,25,49 on 49 uk lunchtime? Not in a million years
8634621 192051 will that upset her Count on it
8634620 192051 will Jon and Danielle get more than her It is certain
8634619 192051 will I take steph out of my will My reply is no
8634618 192051 will jon have children It is certain
8634617 192051 will jon get married Very doubtful
8634616 192051 will she have a mate Yes - definitely
8634615 192051 will Danielle get married some day NO!
8634614 192051 will her and danielle go separate ways Signs point to yes
8634613 192051 is that the choice she will make Yes
8634612 192051 will that be a big mistake on her part As I see it, yes
8634611 592081 14,25,49 are they going to apear on lunchtime today? Count on it
8634610 192051 will she be happier with the Petri's Not in a million years
8634609 192051 will Steph leave the family Yes - definitely
8634608 592081 Are these numbers will come out on lunchtime today 1,14,25,49 Reply hazy, try again
8634607 219420 will he dance with me? Yes - definitely
8634606 219420 is he...a good man? Better not tell you now
8634605 219420 is he really his age? It is decidedly so
8634604 219420 okay..he is happy just...playing a board game? It is certain
8634603 219420 is he gonna wanna have ...numnum all the time? Very doubtful
8634602 219420 will he treat me with respect? Concentrate and ask again
8634601 219420 is he a good man? a hero? As I see it, yes
8634600 219420 are you an asswipe? Outlook not so good
8634599 219420 are you trying to scare me? Yes - definitely
8634598 219420 is he truly a good soul? NO!
8634597 219420 is he the good hero? Ask again later
8634596 34483 am i safe wiht him? My reply is no
8634595 12651 remember your mup-1 p320 compatible insert Most likely
8634594 12651 remember to drill stainless steel at slower speeds My reply is no
8634593 12651 remember your drill press Count on it