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the Magic

will I work cloose to 40 hours every week

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8691390 166205 will I work cloose to 40 hours every week It is decidedly so
8691389 611210 Will ball no 20 drop on uk49s teatime today Very doubtful
8691388 611210 Nelson Mandela is the first black president in South africa As I see it, yes
8691387 166205 more than 500 Cannot predict now
8691386 166205 will carol send steph money It is decidedly so
8691385 609766 Micheal Jackson is dead Signs point to yes
8691384 963706 The human blood is red My sources say no
8691383 166205 will she unfriend carol because I am not coming over Signs point to yes
8691382 609766 The earth is surrounded by sea NO!
8691381 166205 will she see me in march Without a doubt
8691380 166205 after the babby is born Yes
8691379 166205 will steph unfriend carol It is certain
8691378 963706 Will ball no 18 drop today on uk49s teatime today It is decidedly so
8691377 166205 does benn agree with steph Signs point to yes
8691376 166205 she wants steph rather than me As I see it, yes
8691375 166205 does danielle agree with steph NO!
8691374 166205 will steph call me this week Not in a million years
8691373 166205 will danielle call me tthis week Not in a million years
8691372 436340 Do I make Cris nervous? Ask again later
8691371 611210 Will ball no 17 drop on uk49s teatime today Yes - definitely
8691370 609766 Will ball no 16 drop on uk49s teatime today Cannot predict now
8691369 609766 Will ball no 15 drop on uk49s teatime today It is certain
8691368 963706 Will ball no 14 drop on uk49s teatime today Concentrate and ask again
8691367 611210 Will ball no 12 drop on uk49s teatime today NO!
8691366 611210 Will ball no 10 drop on uk49s teatime todays Yes
8691365 963706 Will ball no 9 drop on uk49s today My reply is no
8691364 963706 Will ball no 8 drop on uk49s teatime today Better not tell you now
8691363 609766 Will ball no 7 drop on uk49s teatime today Most likely
8691362 963706 Will ball no 6 drop today on uk49s Not in a million years
8691361 285272 Will ball no 5 drop today o uk49s teatime Cannot predict now
8691360 285272 Will ball mo 4 drop o uk49s teatime It is decidedly so
8691359 285272 Will ball no 3 drop on uk49s teatime It is decidedly so
8691358 285272 Will ball no 2 drop on uk 49s teatime Most likely
8691357 285272 Will ball no 1 will drop on uk 49s teatime It is certain
8691356 611210 Is ball 19 will drop on uk49s teatime Most likely
8691355 285272 Is ball no 43 will drop o uk 49s teatime Count on it
8691354 963706 Which number can play at uk49s today Reply hazy, try again
8691353 664208 Will h h p I a s I t f? Without a doubt
8691352 664208 Will h l a l t m y? It is certain
8691351 664208 Is b g d a s? Very doubtful
8691350 664208 Will g g t s o o t h t? Outlook good
8691349 664208 Will g g t s h w m t? Reply hazy, try again
8691348 46356 Dose Levi have a crush on me Without a doubt
8691347 183135 Will Kareem work from home today It is certain
8691346 29277 should i screenshot Outlook not so good
8691345 331364 Will I received 244k? It is certain
8691344 331364 Will I get at least 243k? Concentrate and ask again
8691343 901068 Bishop Eugene graves, jama oma walla washington home alone no girl house bed sleeping NO!
8691342 229067 Brown balls will be bonus today? My reply is no
8691341 901068 Bishop Eugene graves, no person on my property and in my house raccoon and stolen items, bedrooms windows closed Signs point to yes