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the Magic

Should i do it

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8744872 1014018 Should i do it Most likely
8744871 498823 will we go back to campus As I see it, yes
8744870 8968 Federal income taxes 2 weeks in my account friday, 3,200.00 my account Yes
8744869 302202 Oscar going to text me My sources say no
8744868 470476 Will Kareem meet me at the train station It is certain
8744867 9330 will my next QA scores be at least 60 or higher? Outlook good
8744866 933308 Does Kendall Smith like hot dogs? Yes - definitely
8744865 933308 I can’t be. My reply is no
8744864 933308 I can’t be. Reply hazy, try again
8744863 933308 Am I a nookensquaggle? Without a doubt
8744862 933308 But I’m not a weenie! Very doubtful
8744861 933308 But I’m not a weenie! Ask again later
8744860 933308 Am I a weenie? Signs point to yes
8744859 933308 Am I a weenie? Ask again later
8744858 8968 Federal income taxes 2 weeks in my account friday Most likely
8744857 8968 My income taxes 2 weeks in my account friday My reply is no
8744856 8968 My income taxes 2 weeks friday Without a doubt
8744855 470476 Will Kareem text me first me It is certain
8744854 34483 Your mind is soo messed take a child you love ..and play games of competition and comparing ..when truth is?Every child has their own way and gifts to share with the world...if you feel...that bad about yourself? on yourself ...but let the children be children is not a's a gift ...use it wisely and...stop hurting your own children ..with your judgemental idiocy ...just stop it Better not tell you now
8744853 34483 Hey evil mom ...competing using a child to compare wrong on so many are a lousy parent .. And the children deserve better than you ! Without a doubt
8744852 9330 will my next QA be at least 60 or higher? Most likely
8744851 621245 Rhonda Hyman inside house, lying, store, Benjamin, Benjamin in-house, rhonda and husband mentally disturbed Most likely
8744850 35192 Pendulum there at post office Cannot predict now
8744849 35192 Is my pendulum arrived NO!
8744848 622496 Does Mike think I did a good job? My reply is no
8744847 622496 Did I so a good job for Mike? It is certain
8744846 622496 Is Denise a jerk? Ask again later
8744845 622496 Are there so many mistakes in Denise’s files? Outlook not so good
8744844 622496 Is Denise not a good attorney? Signs point to yes
8744843 622496 Is Denise being hard on me? Yes - definitely
8744842 622496 Is Denise being cery hard on me? Concentrate and ask again
8744841 622496 Is Denise being very hard on me? Concentrate and ask again
8744840 622496 Do I need a new job? Signs point to yes
8744839 622496 Is Denise testing me? Yes - definitely
8744838 622496 Does Denise feel like I’ve messed up too much? NO!
8744837 622496 Did I mess up a lot of things? Most likely
8744836 290880 Will Kareem text me Count on it
8744835 613278 Will the physics and calculus professors input c grades? It is certain
8744834 613278 Will the physics professor input a c grade? My reply is no
8744833 166205 i should let it go Very doubtful
8744832 166205 would I ever see her Not in a million years
8744831 166205 would nancy lee respond to me Signs point to yes
8744830 166205 can I get them today Yes
8744829 166205 will they be on hand Signs point to yes
8744828 166205 should I go to the bottery barn for lights Signs point to yes
8744827 613278 Will the professor input a c grade? Yes - definitely
8744826 166205 should I get the lamp from lamps plus for the kitch and dining room Concentrate and ask again
8744825 613278 Did I pass physics 1? NO!
8744824 166205 will I be happy witht thee lights Better not tell you now
8744823 166205 just let it go Concentrate and ask again