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the Magic

who are you?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8855262 311599 who are you? Not in a million years
8855260 530691 I will get more than 80% for my writing folio It is decidedly so
8855259 530691 will i get more than 80% in my writing folio My reply is no
8855258 194087 is christine going to do the koliva for my mums year Signs point to yes
8855257 194087 is christine going to do the koliva for my mum My reply is no
8855256 773098 God will I be able to sue the owners of the house? It is decidedly so
8855255 773098 God will I be able to stop the court from granting my land to the neighbor? Signs point to yes
8855253 194087 is christine going to call you Concentrate and ask again
8855252 798188 Should I stay anti-mask? It is certain
8855251 798188 Should I stay anti-masked? Not in a million years
8855250 403681 Will Kareem buy me a present for my birthday Very doubtful
8855249 148834 Does he love me My sources say no
8855248 148834 Does he loves me Concentrate and ask again
8855247 148834 Is my hubby cheating on me Signs point to yes
8855246 148834 Did she get her pension money Outlook good
8855245 148834 Is her third party money out My reply is no
8855244 148834 Is my friend p going to pay me Most likely
8855243 148834 Is P going to pay me anytime soon Ask again later
8855242 148834 Are oeoplw taking advantage of me with moneu My sources say no
8855241 798188 Am I bad for the environment? Yes
8855240 798188 Am I healthy? Outlook not so good
8855239 148834 Am I too goid for other people Outlook not so good
8855238 148834 Did she done some bad things to my children Outlook good
8855237 148834 Is she a witch Outlook good
8855236 148834 Is mt mother in law a hood person Outlook not so good
8855235 148834 Is a flat for me Outlook not so good
8855234 148834 ImAm I going to get a house NO!
8855233 148834 Is he struggling with money Very doubtful
8855232 148834 Is he sick Signs point to yes
8855231 148834 Is he my love for life Outlook not so good
8855230 148834 Does Lucky love me Cannot predict now
8855229 148834 Do i dream real things Outlook not so good
8855228 1011472 does alyssaaa love me Yes - definitely
8855227 798188 Do I possess a higher skillset than most, Outlook good
8855226 798188 Am I on a higher level than most? It is decidedly so
8855225 798188 Am I on a higher level than most? Reply hazy, try again
8855224 798188 Am I on a higher level? NO!
8855223 777069 Were my classmates at the Seneca Valley School District jealous over me? Yes - definitely
8855222 777069 Were my classmates at Seneca Valley jealous over me? Not in a million years
8855221 777069 Is everything in my life perfect with law and order? Signs point to yes
8855220 777069 Is everything in my life perfect? Signs point to yes
8855219 777069 Am I a perfect person? Without a doubt
8855218 777069 Is everything working perfectly in my life? Most likely
8855217 777069 Since you think that I will be a millionaire is that why my world is starting to look smaller? Outlook good
8855216 777069 Will I be with the wealthy elite? Yes - definitely
8855215 777069 Am I an elite? Most likely
8855214 777069 Should I collaborate with Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Tekashi 6ix9ine? Signs point to yes
8855213 777069 Am I the symbol of Cranberry Township? My sources say no
8855212 777069 Do I rule Cranberry Township? Yes
8855211 777069 Am I the king of Cranberry Township? Not in a million years