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the Magic

don: " whut Marilyn incident

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8885609 265498 don: " whut Marilyn incident Outlook good
8885608 265498 I'm not introducing your mexican nephew to my dance team after that Marilyn incident Yes - definitely
8885607 265498 don mousel f a r t s ... " yep Signs point to yes
8885606 265498 liz walks in ... liz says to don: " so your mexican nephew woke up with its face between your a s s c h e e k s My sources say no
8885605 265498 and don mousel's ugly mexican nephew wakes up with its face on don mousel's massive thigh after a night of licking don mousel out Most likely
8885604 677440 Do we go to McDonald’s Most likely
8885603 218804 Do we go to McDonald’s Ask again later
8885600 1040615 36 Bonus ball Reply hazy, try again
8885599 732282 Should I give diamond more money Most likely
8885581 1017055 should I change my name to Tai It is certain
8885580 265306 We’re they both Not in a million years
8885579 265306 Will she Without a doubt
8885578 82614 Will I see him today? Not in a million years
8885576 288111 Should I hangout tomorrow with friends? Outlook good
8885575 288111 Should I go tomorrow? Without a doubt
8885574 288111 Should I go tomorrow's hangout? Signs point to yes
8885573 798633 is giannis spaliaras going to marry violeta Signs point to yes
8885572 798633 am i going to feel better by monday As I see it, yes
8885571 384319 should i push forward despite the possibility of breaking up? Count on it
8885570 1030339 Should I giver her my password? Not in a million years
8885569 1030339 Should I give her my password? Most likely
8885568 458690 Will chaim grind ars everynight As I see it, yes
8885567 458690 Will hazi get yunjin Yes
8885566 458690 Will hazi get shenhe Not in a million years
8885565 458690 Will I get shenhe Cannot predict now
8885564 458690 Will I get 5 star character genshin Outlook not so good
8885563 458690 Is hazi happy with jillian NO!
8885562 458690 Is Jillian happy with hazi My reply is no
8885561 458690 Will dream marry ars My reply is no
8885560 458690 Will ars be a prostitute Outlook not so good
8885559 458690 Will nathan get pregnant Outlook good
8885558 458690 Will chaim get pregnant Not in a million years
8885556 458690 Will ars get chaim Without a doubt
8885555 458690 will chaim be recognized by the girls My reply is no
8885554 458690 when will ars dad come back My reply is no
8885553 458690 will chaim get a boyfriend Without a doubt
8885552 458690 will chaim get a girlfriend It is certain
8885550 273485 does my crush likes me back Concentrate and ask again
8885549 273485 can you truly predict It is decidedly so
8885548 273485 will my crush date me when we're out of teenhood Better not tell you now
8885547 273485 will my crush date me when we're adults? Reply hazy, try again
8885546 465411 Will he show friday Cannot predict now
8885545 465411 Will I see him Outlook not so good
8885544 465411 Will he show Reply hazy, try again
8885543 465411 Will he ever It is decidedly so
8885542 199783 are the rumours true about him? It is decidedly so
8885541 199783 are the rumours true about him? Cannot predict now
8885540 199783 should we try again? My sources say no
8885539 199783 should I get back together with him? Signs point to yes
8885538 199783 is james telling the truth? Not in a million years