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the Magic

Poop hyena.

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9028277 933308 Poop hyena. My reply is no
9028276 933308 Poop yahoona. As I see it, yes
9028275 933308 Poop tequila Count on it
9028274 933308 Poop burrito. Signs point to yes
9028273 403681 Does Kareem wants me to leave his apartment Better not tell you now
9028272 403681 Will Kareem go to the couples counseling Concentrate and ask again
9028271 403681 Will Kareem give me back the money tomorrow Not in a million years
9028270 403681 Will Kareem do it today Very doubtful
9028269 403681 Will Kareem give me back the extra money I gave him for the bills Yes
9028268 403681 Will Kareem get high this weekend Cannot predict now
9028266 403681 Will Kareem have sec with me My reply is no
9028265 403681 Will Kareem work things out with our relationship Without a doubt
9028264 403681 Did Kareem have some sort of Romantic relationship with Keisha Concentrate and ask again
9028263 403681 Is Kareem attracted to Keisha My reply is no
9028262 403681 Did Kareem kissed Keisha Very doubtful
9028260 403681 Did Kareem have a romantic relationship with keisha It is decidedly so
9028258 403681 Did Keisha have Kareem the number for the dermatologist Without a doubt
9028257 403681 Did Kareem made an appointment to see the dermatologist Outlook good
9028256 403681 Will Kareem go to the gym Concentrate and ask again
9028255 403681 Will Kareem answer his phone Outlook not so good
9028254 403681 Will Kareem ask me if I have money Cannot predict now
9028253 403681 Does Kareem feel bad that he took all the money from me Not in a million years
9028252 403681 Will Kareem give me the extra money o gave him back Outlook good
9028251 403681 Will Kareem text me It is certain
9028250 403681 Will Kareem call me back NO!
9028249 763153 Everything is fine .. Most likely
9028248 857363 Have I passed the second round at MetDaan? Yes - definitely
9028247 763153 I need to adjust As I see it, yes
9028246 763153 Stop reading me!!!Lol you are a pain Without a doubt
9028245 791347 Should I go to the store? As I see it, yes
9028244 763153 Everyone left . but its ok Not in a million years
9028243 791347 Should I go to the store? Reply hazy, try again
9028242 763153 Im scared just a little Reply hazy, try again
9028241 763153 Im a little scared As I see it, yes
9028240 763153 Im alone here Without a doubt
9028239 414926 Does Madeline want to date me Count on it
9028238 414926 Does Madeline have a crush on me Cannot predict now
9028237 76678 Bonus ball 1 Very doubtful
9028236 965369 Tomorrow uk49s lunchtime bonus color Yes
9028235 512646 is elif flirting with adam Outlook good
9028234 512646 should i ask for his insta It is decidedly so
9028233 512646 does the waiter kid like me Without a doubt
9028232 512646 is gianca using me Cannot predict now
9028231 512646 does gianca like me back Yes
9028230 512646 am i 17 years old Count on it
9028229 512646 am i pretty It is certain
9028228 933308 Is my bedroom messy? My sources say no
9028227 933308 Is my bedroom messy? Reply hazy, try again
9028226 254345 will I meet his family Better not tell you now
9028225 254345 does he think im pretty It is decidedly so