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the Magic

Should I wait

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9127506 806115 Should I wait Signs point to yes
9127505 806115 Does he have a girlfriend Not in a million years
9127504 806115 When will david and I be together Outlook good
9127503 806115 Are David and I meant to be Without a doubt
9127502 806115 Does david love me romantically Not in a million years
9127501 511661 Will God surprisingly bless me to be the sole winner of the entire Mega Millions Jackpot tomorrow night? Outlook good
9127500 27873 Will Gerard be better friends with jack NO!
9127496 197527 they have the same c o k k s u k k e r face NO!
9127495 197527 hey whatever happened to that loser kid who looks like vincent… wearing that windbreaker… michelle two crow’s kid or something Yes
9127494 197527 it’s the perverted camera holder ! , it’s the perverted camera holder ! Most likely
9127493 197527 stay over there ! Yes
9127492 197527 there’s something wrong with your face, vincent It is decidedly so
9127491 197527 vincent looks like a little man It is certain
9127490 197527 he looks jewish Count on it
9127489 197527 the swirly around vincent’s face My sources say no
9127488 791441 Da li me postuje Dejan Spasojevic Without a doubt
9127487 791441 Da li me postujes Dejan Spasojevic Without a doubt
9127486 791441 Da li me postujes direktor Outlook not so good
9127485 791441 Da li se svidjam direktoru Better not tell you now
9127484 819532 Are there any negative answers Better not tell you now
9127483 819532 Is the Quantum realm where our higher selves exist? Signs point to yes
9127482 819532 Is it meant to be As I see it, yes
9127481 819532 Should I stay Outlook good
9127480 791441 Da li sam draga Dejanu As I see it, yes
9127479 791441 Da li sam simpatična direktoru NO!
9127478 791441 Da li sam simpatična ditžrektoru Yes - definitely
9127477 375470 Is my passport still with me in my room? Not in a million years
9127476 933308 Should I transform my entire car into a gargantuan Thanksgiving turkey? Without a doubt
9127475 933308 Happy Thanksgiving? As I see it, yes
9127474 933308 Are girls horny over me? Outlook good
9127473 933308 Are girls horny for me? Very doubtful
9127472 574319 Do I have something within me blocking my breakthrough Better not tell you now
9127471 574319 Will my relationship with Oriah last for 2years Yes
9127470 574319 Will my relationship with Oriah last for 3 years My reply is no
9127469 574319 Am I a prophetess It is decidedly so
9127468 574319 Can I be trusted Yes
9127467 574319 Am I a good person Not in a million years
9127466 574319 Should I continue going to that church Most likely
9127465 574319 Can I trust my spiritual parents Outlook good
9127464 574319 Will I get married to Oriah Outlook not so good
9127463 574319 Can Mohau be trusted It is certain
9127462 574319 Does Oriah love me Without a doubt
9127461 933308 Moose potato. NO!
9127460 933308 Hamster salsa. Yes
9127459 933308 Yooky boo bear. Yes
9127458 981307 Can you give me 3 numbers for tea Count on it
9127457 981307 Can l have cold balls for tea time NO!
9127456 981307 Can l have 2 numbers plus bonus for tea time Signs point to yes
9127455 791441 Da li sam ucinila ispravno Most likely
9127454 981307 Which colour bonus ball for tonight? Count on it