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Vraag de Magic Eight Ball alles wat je wilt weten. Of je het nu geloofd of niet, de magische bal kent alle antwoorden

ID Anonieme nummer Vraag Antwoord
4314 212363 a lotta people don't like exposed cables or they like a neat appearance for it ... your quick course in structured cabling is more than adequate Mijn antwoord is nee
4313 212363 it's what's from in the house, from the demarcation point , to the tv cable box Volgens mij wel
4312 212363 I'm saying you girls could easily be a cable installer Zeer zeker
4311 212363 and that's considered outside plant construction... you'd be a contractor or a sub contractor... in AZ you'd need a low voltage contractors license... you can get that in Phoenix Nog in geen miljoen jaar
4310 212363 all other things are the cable splicer Zeer twijfelachtig
4309 212363 the drop... is the connection from the cable piece... usually called a splitter... to the demarcation point... possibly usually the drop is simply screwing a coaxial cable to the splitter Tekenen wijzen op ja
4308 360478 there's something called the demarcation point... your work is from there to the cable box Mijn antwoord is nee
4307 360478 the course might only be 500 bucks Volgens mij wel
4306 360478 it would include something like CAT5 or Ethernet Volgens mij wel
4305 360478 it might be 2 days or a week Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4304 360478 take a " structured cabling " course ... it would be quick Beter je nu niet te zeggen
4303 360478 anyway, back to the cable installer for dish network Nu niet te voorspellen
4302 360478 I worked on a splicing crew in Minneapolis and I'd get flirted with by hot waitresses Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4301 360478 you don't have the look or the looks Zonder twijfel
4300 360478 you aint no nine, ugly boy Volgens mij wel
4299 360478 I don't even see it happening Volgens mij wel
4298 360478 your mexican could never attract a hot chick Zeer zeker
4297 360478 an athletic girl could do that easily. Het is zeker
4296 360478 a list off the top of my head: cable installer... you'd probably work for say Dish Network Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4295 360478 I'm tellin you girls that there are some things you could do Zeer waarschijnlijk
4294 360478 so I'm aware of some secrets and "the areas " Het is beslist zo
4293 360478 I went to a telecom school in Canada... it no longer exists. it was no piece of cake... my wife is a former personal trainer from atlantic city... most Scandinavian girls look that athletic tho Nee!
4292 360478 they have to constantly grade those roads and the job appears in the local newspaper with some frequency Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4291 360478 when I lived in the desert like during my relationship with my dawg mai the waitress Het is zeker
4290 360478 one thing I thot would be neat is the grader operator... esp in arizona they need those everywhere Vraag later nog maar eens
4289 360478 if I were younger and dirtier, I'd definitely be interested in those road projects... like really get your CDL right away Nog in geen miljoen jaar
4288 360478 once in a while I'll run into him at the walmart Nu niet te voorspellen
4287 360478 he had a reasonably nice pickup... but he gave it away to his family. I think he thinks he's maybe too lazy when he's using it. I think he prefers to stay busy with well construction work in flg . he's worked on in those road projects before Het is zeker
4286 360478 he works with various construction crews or maybe ones that he's aware of... he says he sleeps in the forest in the area. he stays very very busy Zeer zeker
4285 360478 he'll hitch or thumb a ride all the way to flagstaff... and if night comes, he'll simply hop the fence and sleep on the other side until morning comes Het is zeker
4284 360478 he let me in on his secret Volgens mij wel
4283 781103 clearly, he's saying navajos or indians easily find employment with the AZ DOT for those road projects... I'd have some eye protection, maybe hearing protection easy to access Je kunt erop vertrouwen
4282 781103 he said they hire navajos in this area... mexicans get really upset about it Nog in geen miljoen jaar
4281 781103 the inside info... is there are some interesting things that happen throughout the year. my cousin " mike " the gigantic dog like guy who looks like the white haired male from rules of ascension Het is zeker
4280 781103 first thot I'd have would be... look at the AZ DOT... and right now consider getting a CDL, commercial drivers license Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4279 781103 anyway, working in a mine wouldn't be my first thot. there ARE plenty of other jobs for hot chicks who don't care Zeer twijfelachtig
4278 781103 she invited me to the german tent so I'm okay Nee!
4277 781103 just attract hot blonde Miss South Dakota Nee!
4276 781103 okay... was sleepies... woke up and girls saying they wanna work in a mine... bc they don't care Ja
4275 781103 I am from finland Het vooruitzicht is goed
4274 781103 I don't speak loser Nog in geen miljoen jaar
4273 237614 por que veo el nombre de mi hombre por todos lados Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4272 160694 atagey was gey :D Mijn antwoord is nee
4271 715216 heeft linda mij vanavond nodig? Mijn antwoord is nee
4270 715216 heeft linda mij vanavond super erg nodig? Concentreer en vraag opnieuw
4269 715216 ga ik vannavond voor linda mee naar eibergen wat drinken? Nee!
4268 115286 i dont speak this language should i switch languages? Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4267 748551 Este Amor Este Amor combictone dilamone ceramboiltike mi corazon mi corazon drjava siniotemba ezik espanol siniotembiski izpalniteli rebo i naschek Nu niet te voorspellen
4266 696562 30 yaş üstü türklerin camış gibi yağlı olması hadisesi puhahah :D gençler zannediyor ki biz öyle olmayacaz puhaha türksünüz lan siz çoğunuz o kiloları alacaksınız ve bir daha da vermeyeceksiniz puhaha :D Het is zeker
4265 696562 zavallı mustafa ve diğer zavallıların bana ait herhangi bir şeyi çalmak gibi niyetleri varsa şayet Allah belalarını verip tez zamanda canlarını alsın İnşallah ... Volgens mij wel