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Que quiere Noelia que le diga

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ID Anonieme nummer Vraag Antwoord
4370 525557 Que quiere Noelia que le diga Het vooruitzicht is goed
4369 173650 Zal Elden in 2021 werken bij ebs Zonder twijfel
4368 580123 vidialnli e thats her destiny Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4367 353590 Dönecek mi Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4366 618668 Ga ik winnen? Concentreer en vraag opnieuw
4365 1008526 Hou ik van soep Tekenen wijzen op ja
4364 992034 zal ik de lotto winnen Zeer twijfelachtig
4363 33250 Gvbjgccvvb Het vooruitzicht is goed
4362 14567 recently, I walked into the tc dollar general and I was impressed that some contractor came in and cleaned up the cabling Tekenen wijzen op ja
4361 14567 some of the technical ones - seminars - could be in flagstaff or similar Mijn antwoord is nee
4360 14567 lotta those schools are in Phoenix Tekenen wijzen op ja
4359 14567 hot blonde Miss South Dakota is the ticket, the key to it all! Het is beslist zo
4358 14567 and find your quick course in structured cabling and you'll be working for dish network immediately Het is beslist zo
4357 14567 ignore the losers Zeer twijfelachtig
4356 14567 Do find your telecom school Je kunt erop vertrouwen
4355 14567 I really don't want to talk about anything else ... because they are trades and protected by unions etc Zeer waarschijnlijk
4354 14567 girls, cable splicer and fiber splicer are easy to learn Het is beslist zo
4353 14567 there are plenty of other jobs Nee!
4352 14567 in the flagstaff area ... mike told me some sorry soul has to drive that equipment on that dangerous hillside Tekenen wijzen op ja
4351 14567 all those people driving steam rollers, graders, dump trucks.. they have a CDL.. most likely Nog in geen miljoen jaar
4350 14567 never looked into it ... the tower technician does exist Het is beslist zo
4349 14567 the towers have to be outfitted with the gear Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4348 14567 oh, the tower technician Zeer waarschijnlijk
4347 14567 all of these things should be important again Mijn antwoord is nee
4346 14567 you'll drive around and test it " can you hear me ... Zeer twijfelachtig
4345 14567 they'll also need testing drivers for the 5G network Mijn antwoord is nee
4344 14567 telecom line man IS different yes ... Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4343 14567 me ~ I don't wanna work with electricity... power line man Je kunt erop vertrouwen
4342 14567 with your commercial drivers license Mijn antwoord is nee
4341 14567 the power line man course in California and Phoenix I think happens in sections or modules... you might learn about the construction aspect of it, if you wanted to focus your application Zeer waarschijnlijk
4340 14567 it's a suggestion considering the area Het is beslist zo
4339 14567 you might find large or medium bags of flour and be able to carry it on your shoulder Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4338 212363 the ladder is heavy and you have to carry it on your shoulder Volgens mij wel
4337 212363 one of the first things that happened in my program besides the CPR training was the ladder training Tekenen wijzen op ja
4336 212363 I can do wide grip pull ups all day long Het is beslist zo
4335 212363 I'm kinda buff and naturally athletic so remember that Het vooruitzicht is goed
4334 212363 I'd get your commercial drivers license now tho Zeer zeker
4333 212363 they'll teach you how to build the infrastructure... around here they have something called N T U A and A P S Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4332 212363 oh ... the girls yelling saying they wanna work in a mine... forget that... and go to power lineman school Het is beslist zo
4331 212363 I guess I could say more ... find a telecom school Zeer twijfelachtig
4330 212363 back to you girls... you will have to find a telecom school and you will have to get the training Concentreer en vraag opnieuw
4329 212363 I have the training. Zeer zeker
4328 212363 if I was really hard up , me - right here - I could apply as a fiber optics splicer Mijn bronnen zeggen nee
4327 212363 hot blonde Miss South Dakota Zeer waarschijnlijk
4326 212363 I'm telling you again. you girls could splice the fiber optics Tekenen wijzen op ja
4325 212363 you girls could splice the fiber optics Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4324 212363 it's the tower hardware 5G and the fiber optic connection Ja
4323 212363 right now is actually a really neat time. 5G is supposed to be real Beter je nu niet te zeggen
4322 212363 you could start by pulling cable Het vooruitzicht is niet zo goed
4321 212363 anyway... an outside plant job that doesn't require a lot of experience is the Cable Puller... Mijn antwoord is nee