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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8513117 793941 me and aura were supposed to explore those bldgs with the injun cruiser and grain twrs Count on it
8513116 793941 if I had a girlfriend I'd've explored it myself Very doubtful
8513115 793941 was crazy ... real Very doubtful
8513114 793941 then the boards are torn off and urban explorers went inside! Without a doubt
8513113 793941 then suddenly the windows are boarded up Without a doubt
8513112 793941 it stayed that way for like a week Count on it
8513111 793941 the gamer guys car is still there with the doors open Outlook good
8513110 793941 and then all the cars sped off ... Count on it
8513109 793941 so... they're gonna kill those girls anyway OR take them as permanent bidges Outlook not so good
8513108 793941 and those two skinny girls are still taking it Yes
8513107 793941 it was awful... then a pumpkin looking fireball appeared Ask again later
8513106 793941 OMG ... they killed that guy ... now they're screwing his girlfriends Not in a million years
8513105 793941 then they started screwing those two girls on the car Yes - definitely
8513104 455430 I think they stabbed him Better not tell you now
8513103 455430 he's like yelling, trying to yell them off ... and then silence Count on it
8513102 455430 then one voice... that kid: " I don't want any trouble... I don't want any trouble It is decidedly so
8513101 455430 I can hear outside... one sreeet over... lotta cars pulling up AND female voices Concentrate and ask again
8513100 455430 I'm like okay?go back inside Ask again later
8513099 455430 it sarts watching and warning My sources say no
8513098 455430 anyway, walked outside... fresh air ... car pulls up ... turns on its yellow lights... turns in cul de sac and says " everybody stay where you are Outlook not so good
8513097 455430 aint your loser ... a real action Reply hazy, try again
8513096 455430 he had two hot girlfriends ... two s e x y skinny hot chicks, a pedophiles dream Outlook good
8513095 455430 some fat doo kinda pleasant not a bad person ... had a four door sedan... worked at the sonic ... I liked him ... reminded me a gamer kinda of a guy... arguably innocent Outlook not so good
8513094 92559 My ring coins was my micheal watch box pocketbook tells truth It is certain
8513093 455430 next story... you're gonna love this information Not in a million years
8513092 455430 it happened. on planet earth Outlook good
8513091 455430 I couldn't believe it ... uh ya know that sound is getting closer Yes - definitely
8513090 455430 all the lights went out ... everybody started settling beefs and this was back before assocs were well defined Very doubtful
8513089 455430 the best and worst is the blackout story Not in a million years
8513088 455430 three stories? ... where this would be necessary Better not tell you now
8513087 455430 I don't like having to work My reply is no
8513086 455430 off to my job now at the circle K Very doubtful
8513085 455430 hot blonde Miss South Dakota NO!
8513084 455430 the real fantasy is : I wanted to pair it with my compressor 300 blackout for a mad maxx shoot 'em up Yes - definitely
8513083 455430 don't even notice it Cannot predict now
8513082 455430 anyway... I used the computer case from a year 2000 dell inspiron 7500 ... the strap ... and connection points ... and sewed them into a newton message pad 2000 / 2100 nylon canvas CASE ... and it conceals a full size large It is decidedly so
8513081 92559 My Michelle watch my pockets book tells truth Outlook not so good
8513080 92559 Michelle watch my pockets book tells truth Without a doubt
8513079 429356 yes you can conceal carry it ! Cannot predict now
8513078 429356 now and for the next 25 years As I see it, yes
8513077 429356 all cartoon depictions of him show the giant bun in his pocket Outlook not so good
8513076 429356 here he is after finishing the project 254514616470 Very doubtful
8513075 429356 it's just so coool ! My sources say no
8513074 429356 mai helped design it with don mousel It is decidedly so
8513073 187098 should i ask out mya in a week My sources say no
8513072 187098 should i ask out mya in a week My sources say no
8513071 429356 did my babies buy one with their credit cards Count on it
8513070 48320 Will Kareem tell me I have to go Not in a million years
8513069 48320 Will Kareem tell me I have to go Reply hazy, try again
8513068 429356 you have to get thru hot blonde Miss South Dakota first Concentrate and ask again