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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8800503 984784 Should I beat to nhentai Count on it
8800501 926317 Is 35 coming? Concentrate and ask again
8800500 926317 Is 29 coming? Outlook not so good
8800499 926317 Is 46 coming Without a doubt
8800498 926317 Is 25 coming? Outlook good
8800497 57500 Is 45 coming? Without a doubt
8800496 82368 Is 27 coming? As I see it, yes
8800495 926317 Is 28 coming? Most likely
8800494 926317 Is 11 coming? Outlook good
8800493 808124 Is 41 coming? NO!
8800492 808124 Is 48 coming? As I see it, yes
8800491 926317 Is 37 going to be a bonus? Yes - definitely
8800490 2249 if only liz had warned me, I'd have brought along my fly swatters to smack lily around with Yes
8800489 2249 s h i h t ... they were all looking for your popcorn machine Count on it
8800488 2249 you were discriminated against, lihuhl mexican Most likely
8800487 2249 the little mexican couldn't fight It is decidedly so
8800486 2249 s h i h t ! ... run over it again Very doubtful
8800485 366345 Am I right? Count on it
8800484 2249 awww yeah b i t c h ... you little b e e z a t c h , just couldn't hang Outlook good
8800483 2249 so one moment that small ugly mexican is screaming then the next moment its ugly skull is cracking and it goes silent Without a doubt
8800482 2249 communicating about that ugly mexican just isn't doing it for me As I see it, yes
8800481 2249 I need more action Yes - definitely
8800480 2249 there's just so little going on with the dump trucks and females in chevy tahoes pretending to be gangsters It is decidedly so
8800479 299660 Will lynn and I be able to help pay for Katrine's surgery and fly her here in our plane? It is certain
8800478 864155 Will she be in love with me again? Outlook not so good
8800477 864155 Should I visit her anyway? Concentrate and ask again
8800476 864155 Will she want me to visit her? My reply is no
8800475 864155 Will she come back to me? Yes
8800474 864155 Will we get back together? As I see it, yes
8800473 864155 Will we grow closer when she moves? Outlook not so good
8800472 864155 Will she call me? Cannot predict now
8800471 864155 Will she call me? Reply hazy, try again
8800470 16787 Which colour is bonus colour on lunch time Very doubtful
8800469 2249 I'll think about becoming active again on January 3rd 2022 Reply hazy, try again
8800468 2249 I'm going quiet also As I see it, yes
8800467 2249 well the season is quiet Cannot predict now
8800466 82368 Is 3 coming? Most likely
8800465 328584 Is 21 coming? Yes
8800464 328584 Is 17 coming? Better not tell you now
8800463 82368 Is 49 coming? NO!
8800462 986136 Is 1 coming My sources say no
8800461 82368 Is 31 coming? It is decidedly so
8800460 82368 Is 47 coming? My sources say no
8800459 442839 Will news be good news re new car Outlook not so good
8800458 442839 Will we get new car news this week It is decidedly so
8800457 442839 Will house settle Friday Cannot predict now
8800456 442839 Will shares sell for over $3 Outlook good
8800455 442839 will we get loan for car Outlook not so good
8800454 442839 will we get loan for car today Not in a million years
8800453 2249 your ugly mexican just gets with ugly fat females Very doubtful