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the Magic

yeah it does. he acts...sooo full of hate.

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8450371 951548 yeah it does. he acts...sooo full of hate. Concentrate and ask again
8450370 951548 if you were raped...get over it. I was to. LIFE goes on My reply is no
8450369 951548 why do you HATE ...sooo much? its irritationg. Outlook not so good
8450368 951548 Julio..and prunes go with a constipated julio Reply hazy, try again
8450367 951548 or a good ol ripe PRUNE NO!
8450366 951548 Hey dumb ass...try eating...SALAD Signs point to yes
8450365 951548 awww...poor JULIO...he's got ...constipation. Give him an EX LAX Yes
8450364 951548 hey JULIO...are you a bitter pill? ...did life not GIVE you...what you wanted? Yes
8450363 951548 come on in PIG> oink oink oink...its YOUR slop. Come on in...time for JULIO to eat. Most likely
8450362 951548 Julio. oooh Tom. ...Dr. Kevorkian. is calling your name. . As I see it, yes
8450361 951548 but...beware...Dr. Kevorkian. may be an assistant. he's a friend. to pigs like YOU As I see it, yes
8450360 951548 Hey dumb ass. ...yah. you. go to a dentist. It is decidedly so
8450359 951548 here comes..Tom. aka Julio. ...and his rotting teeth. Most likely
8450358 951548 you can send her grave. ...or...carry them. ...they might disguse the STENCH...of your mouth. People...dropping dead at 10 paces...from you Count on it
8450357 951548 at can SAY> you kissed a blonde. MMM...just before they ...load her body..into the hearse. ... Your rotting teeth...could KILL. eh. probably has. Very doubtful
8450356 951548 could WAIT...for a dumb PITY on you. ... maybe she wont drop dead...from the stench of your rotting teeth. But then again...she might. It is decidedly so
8450355 951548 stay with the mousy...stringy greasy haired girls. They are YOUR type. go get em tiger... Very doubtful
8450354 843772 Will I f g t g n I h b w f b t e o t w? Outlook good
8450353 951548 you seem to like...blondes always wanted...the things you CANT ever hope to attain As I see it, yes
8450352 951548 you are a BRAVE little snot. ...yeah. behind a puter screen. Aintcha? Count on it
8450351 951548 you are a MEAN snot. Why not society. I DARE you. Yes
8450350 951548 you are an UGLY UGLY...turd. go back to the toilet. you climbed out from. You stink. Yes - definitely
8450349 843772 Is s r a I w b d a f s? Outlook not so good
8450348 951548 you are a mean little man. My reply is no
8450347 843772 Is m d w a I w b as b o s a h? My reply is no
8450346 951548 your stupid. That's...provable. But crazy? nah. you wanna live. Outlook good
8450345 951548 I dare raise your hand...against me. ...come on. i dare you. Signs point to yes
8450344 951548 see? even m8 agrees. NO!
8450343 951548 i somehow won't walk away. Not in a million years
8450342 951548 and if you try to HIT me? well...try it. I DARE you My sources say no
8450341 951548 i wont kill you. but god help ya...i would hurt you Most likely
8450340 951548 lol. Some ...little boys..shoot off their mouths...too much. I know a cure. its called a SMACK As I see it, yes
8450339 951548 so tell me. do you LIVE at home...with your MOMMY? in her BASEMENT?...cause you seem the type. Outlook not so good
8450338 951548 let me tell you a TINY little secret. I'm 5'9. Legs that men drool over. Warm breasts...that men have BEGGED to touch. You can ASK...any woman. Hot or Not. ...the kind of men...they TRULY want. ...let me tell ya. BRAINS win. Eh. Muscle most with a muscle...are drips. Dull. Not very...EXCITING. they aren't. but a man with a BRAIN? ...knows all about ...romance...and...passion. ...something YOU know nothing about. Cause your stupid. Poor thing. It is certain
8450337 951548 you are dumb. Fat can be cured. your stupidity...there is no cure. you are just dumb. Yes
8450336 951548 a pig or a not worth my time. or a REAL woman. I don't apologize...for being ...all woman. I am who i am. fuk you ...pig. Ask again later
8450335 951548 yeah htey do. MEN. not boys. Not quiers...i'm talking MEN. they see me. It is decidedly so
8450334 951548 I aint no...boy. Trust me. I am ALL woman. and men ..notice. My reply is no
8450333 951548 a REAL woman...has a body. ( like i do ) ...nice hand cup for a feel a breast. Concentrate and ask again
8450332 951548 only a qweire...would want a girl...with a BOY"S body. seem that kind of guy. ..You dont like girls. do you?? Very doubtful
8450331 843772 Will w h s h t c b f n? My reply is no
8450330 951548 only hot men...with a true a little fluff...on a bottom. Without a doubt
8450329 951548 dumb dumb blondes...only get with UGLY a native american. BOYO It is decidedly so
8450328 951548 your anorexic blondes...only get with UGLY turds. It is certain
8450327 843772 Will s c b f n? Outlook good
8450326 843772 Will s s o t l a h o s m a h b c b I h b a f f b a b p? As I see it, yes
8450325 843772 Is m l g t c m t w? Outlook good
8450324 843772 Will I b m t t? It is certain
8450323 843772 Are w g t w t t h d o m f t l a v s? It is decidedly so
8450322 843772 Will t I g t o? Most likely