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the Magic


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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8666675 951548 Im.sleepy Ask again later
8666674 951548 I'm gonna rest As I see it, yes
8666673 128431 that's what's on offer As I see it, yes
8666672 128431 mila kunis was there ... people saw it NO!
8666671 128431 the password is Yes
8666670 128431 so look in the Very doubtful
8666669 128431 yeah, I agree motel6 It is certain
8666668 128431 I can upgrade us to the super8 Reply hazy, try again
8666667 128431 it's not a bad deal ... mc-gilligans Very doubtful
8666666 128431 hoag ... motel6... U H near walmart Most likely
8666665 128431 hode on , hunnies... I'll pick us some better lodging Most likely
8666664 128431 that's the best that I can do Yes - definitely
8666663 128431 we hump... I give you da best of mc-gilligans best " dats our famous chickuhn NO!
8666662 128431 we'll drive to winslow... check into the motel6 Outlook good
8666661 128431 for my babes... the cheryl gruber lookalike asian waitress, my kitty cat asian waitress , my family dollar babe... churches chicken is all I'm gonna do My sources say no
8666660 552219 Are you Eve right? Yes - definitely
8666659 552219 Will I be cured? Outlook not so good
8666658 552219 Will I beat this illness? Very doubtful
8666657 555815 Will i get what I want? Most likely
8666656 191683 Does David regret letting me go? Without a doubt
8666655 191683 Was I fired because of David? Count on it
8666654 191683 Was I fired because of Angel? NO!
8666653 861935 Da li cu poloziti ispit Signs point to yes
8666652 128431 so, I'm gonna make " good " , " positive " life decisions and avoid the violence and the ego unleashed lifestyle. that's okay ... emotional intelligence... and my peaceful practice as the jew said... and I'm not going to react anymore. reacting gets me into trouble . I'm peaceful, smart man, in control of or at least aware of my ego As I see it, yes
8666651 128431 so, I'm too busy having a life, living a life... I'm gainfully employed, I don't want to accelerate it to an end. I want life to keep getting better. yeah, self preservation... long before the fight to the end My reply is no
8666650 128431 living a life, having a life ... life is beautiful, you don't need guns, you don't blow people away Not in a million years
8666649 128431 one way of imagining it... it can end badly , like really badly As I see it, yes
8666648 128431 this ego violence thing is waaay the f u k k over here Not in a million years
8666647 128431 The reality is you're all addicted to luxury and comfort Most likely
8666646 128431 Stop the violence and increase the peace ! Count on it
8666645 128431 Can't we all just get along Not in a million years
8666644 128431 Oh great it's the hate crowd Most likely
8666643 128431 you're a bunch of p u s s i e s and p u n k b i t c h e s ... that's why you're slippin dawg Signs point to yes
8666642 128431 Cerritos California As I see it, yes
8666641 128431 that's just the T&C surf shop in Cerritos My sources say no
8666640 128431 managing the tc McDonald's It is decidedly so
8666639 128431 Lakewood HEAT and s h i t Signs point to yes
8666638 128431 guess where that ugly mexican ended up next My sources say no
8666637 128431 jayce de cory runs up to don mousel's wife , lifts up her shirt , and starts smacking the fat hard: " you're looking kinda cheppa Yes - definitely
8666636 128431 see that gigantic fat cheppa belly Without a doubt
8666635 128431 how about don mousel My reply is no
8666634 128431 A: he's getting impeached by those gigantic fat women Reply hazy, try again
8666633 128431 people said what's with the ugly loser over there ... It is decidedly so
8666632 128431 when don mousel's ugly mexican nephew arrived at that wedding.. that ugly little mexican was with some gigantic ugly female My reply is no
8666631 128431 trump has been impeached three times. twice by congress, once by rosie o'donnell's b u t t c h e e k s My reply is no
8666630 128431 there are winners and there are losers. Most likely
8666629 128431 trump was a law enforcement president Signs point to yes
8666628 128431 yeah like joke face Cannot predict now
8666627 128431 yeah too ugly Without a doubt
8666626 128431 enough of that. that's finished. It is certain