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the Magic

Is Sophia a badass?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8723585 622496 Is Sophia a badass? Ask again later
8723584 622496 Does Charlie even like me? Concentrate and ask again
8723583 622496 Will things get better once covid is over? My reply is no
8723582 48320 Will Kareem do m this weekend Count on it
8723581 48320 Will Kareem want to go to a hotel this weekend Outlook not so good
8723579 622496 Will I be stuck with Denise? My reply is no
8723577 622496 Is Sa-San really sad at her job? Concentrate and ask again
8723575 622496 Is Sa-San a bad influence? Reply hazy, try again
8723574 48320 Will Kareem eventually have Alex with me Signs point to yes
8723572 48320 Will Kareem work things out with me Yes - definitely
8723571 48320 Will Kareem work things out with me Not in a million years
8723570 48320 Will Kareem work things out with me My reply is no
8723569 48320 Will Kareem work things out with me Outlook not so good
8723568 804104 is J my true friend? My sources say no
8723567 804104 Should we stop inviting B? My sources say no
8723566 804104 is ND a nice girl? It is decidedly so
8723565 804104 So is she just looking for friends to park M with? Outlook good
8723564 804104 Does she want B as a friend? Very doubtful
8723563 804104 Did T want things to work out with the group? Outlook not so good
8723562 804104 Is she a true friend? As I see it, yes
8723561 804104 Does she have M over? My reply is no
8723560 622496 Is Paul embarrassed he was ever into me? Not in a million years
8723559 578087 should i date him As I see it, yes
8723558 804104 Is BS purposely not having people over? Yes - definitely
8723557 622496 Will I ever get Paul back? Not in a million years
8723556 622496 Is Paul super happy? Most likely
8723555 622496 Is Robbie mad I didnt want to date him? As I see it, yes
8723554 622496 Is Robbie a huge jerk? Outlook not so good
8723553 622496 Does Robbie think I am a loser? Count on it
8723550 622496 Will I ever get around Paul? Count on it
8723548 622496 Am I a joke to Paul? Very doubtful
8723547 622496 Will Paul and I ever be friends again? Signs point to yes
8723546 622496 Does Paul think I am a loser? Yes
8723545 622496 Do I have no friends in Austin? Signs point to yes
8723544 622496 Am I disliked in Austin? It is decidedly so
8723543 622496 Does anyone in Austin like me? Better not tell you now
8723542 622496 Will I see Jeff and Soohia? My reply is no
8723541 622496 Will I see Paul this weekend? Outlook not so good
8723540 622496 Will I keep my distance from Paul? Very doubtful
8723539 622496 Will Paul and I be friends only? Concentrate and ask again
8723538 622496 Does Paul’s gf know about me? Outlook not so good
8723537 622496 Will Paul respect his gf? Without a doubt
8723536 622496 Will Paul and I go back to normal? My sources say no
8723535 622496 Does Paul want to be my friend? Concentrate and ask again
8723534 622496 Does Paul think I want to be friends? It is certain
8723533 622496 Does Paul think I want to sleep with him? Outlook not so good
8723532 594456 Should I masterbate tonight Most likely
8723531 594456 Should I masterbate My sources say no
8723530 3532 9 is teatime number today Count on it
8723529 3532 40 is teatime number today Signs point to yes