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the Magic

da li cu dobiti pet iz geografije

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8744786 1026196 da li cu dobiti pet iz geografije Concentrate and ask again
8744785 1026196 da li cu dobit 5 iz geografije Outlook not so good
8744784 1026196 da li cu dobiti pet iz matematike Yes
8744783 234341 Is Stephen in love with me still Yes
8744782 1026196 da li cu dobiti 4 iz matematike Signs point to yes
8744781 1026196 da li cu dobit 5 iz matematike It is decidedly so
8744780 622496 Do I deserve better than this? Ask again later
8744779 621245 Rhonda Hyman eating no breakfast Yes
8744777 1036653 Is Koleen putting me in this position? Outlook good
8744776 1036653 Is this coming from Koleen? NO!
8744775 621245 Rhonda Hyman eating breakfast sure, sure, lying Count on it
8744774 621245 Rhonda Hyman eating breakfast sure, sure Count on it
8744773 621245 Rhonda Hyman eating breakfast sure Concentrate and ask again
8744772 621245 Rhonda Hyman eating breakfast Better not tell you now
8744771 136690 What is the winning fafi number under fafi numbers 35 and 33 As I see it, yes
8744770 429197 Hocu li dobiti 10 na ispitu Without a doubt
8744769 429197 Da li cu poloziti ispit Very doubtful
8744768 97316 Does K.S. want to be my girlfriend? Yes - definitely
8744767 34483 laughter is the best medicine they say :D Concentrate and ask again
8744766 34483 m8? stop trying to take my belly button and chewing on it Yes - definitely
8744765 34483 unlike belly button isnt swallowed ...its put back in my tummy Reply hazy, try again
8744764 431221 Bonus pls Yes - definitely
8744763 34483 i should be leaving soon. :D Outlook good
8744762 490224 Can I have 1number plus bonus Reply hazy, try again
8744761 34483 okay m8. i'll see ya later. bye Not in a million years
8744760 34483 no more swallowing that belly button. time for it to be ..put back Very doubtful
8744759 431221 Can I have 2 numbers plus bonus Without a doubt
8744758 29349 Can I have 3numbers plus bonus pls NO!
8744757 621245 No person on property and no raccoon in my house and person not in my house Signs point to yes
8744756 166205 will I clear 300k from it Yes
8744755 34483 m8!!!...swallowing your belly bad for your tummy Count on it
8744754 166205 will it sell for 450k or more As I see it, yes
8744753 34483 m8...did you swallow your belly button?M8 As I see it, yes
8744752 166205 will my condo sell for 500k or more Not in a million years
8744751 34483 gimmie your belly button. Concentrate and ask again
8744750 166205 will I be able to afford it then Outlook good
8744749 621245 No person property and raccoon in my house and person not in my house Outlook not so good
8744748 166205 600k or more My sources say no
8744747 166205 550 or moree As I see it, yes
8744746 166205 will my new home cost 500k or more As I see it, yes
8744745 34483 m8? its okay ...your chewing on that belly button like its gum. you gotta put that button back in place... Without a doubt
8744744 166205 will I retire first Outlook good
8744743 34483 m8? i'm gonna take your nose..if you don't put back that belly button..and stop chewing Outlook not so good
8744742 166205 will I at 70 It is decidedly so
8744741 258598 Will I get good news about a apartment today? Yes
8744740 166205 when i am 71 will I get my new home My sources say no
8744739 258598 Will I get good news.about a. Apartment today? Concentrate and ask again
8744738 34483 m8? its not gum. its a belly button My sources say no
8744737 34483 m8? no more chewing that belly button. put it back now. :D Yes
8744736 166205 will I miss work Very doubtful