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the Magic

Okay. i wish i knew...who he really is.

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8450411 951548 Okay. i wish i knew...who he really is. Most likely
8450410 951548 is he the man...that tortured me? ...2005?? My reply is no
8450409 951548 yes. its not beyond him. I just KNOW. Outlook good
8450408 951548 you will NEVER find true healing...until you...can yourself. ... My reply is no
8450407 951548 his meant to be a blessing. ...IF he is teh freak...he is meant to BLESS lives... As I see it, yes
8450406 951548 yeah..he made some ...HORRIBLE mistakes. I wont say he didnt. but...he CAN...heal. Outlook good
8450405 951548 is he the German? the NAZI? he him? ... As I see it, yes
8450404 951548 did he...rape me? is he that guy? and now...he's be here? Yes
8450403 951548 i kinda know...he' of the controllers. pretty sure. NO!
8450402 951548 he's ..the freak? Without a doubt
8450401 951548 i'm far from blind. IF i can forgive him. and i think i can. ...why can't HE? forgive himself? Concentrate and ask again
8450400 951548 yes m8. i know...he is ...maybe one of the controllers? Better not tell you now
8450399 951548 i know the future is scary. I do. I KNOW...the terrifying. What if i told you...the most amazing happiness...awaited you. had to walk...THAT path...not the same old...garbage..your on.? What then? My reply is no
8450398 951548 he isn't ...beyond the heal. ...he can Without a doubt
8450397 951548 Give GOD> ...there is a miracle...waiting for you. Restoration. Healing. Happiness. Maybe children. ...its NOT too late. not for you. My reply is no
8450396 951548 his ..ex STILL single. he loves her. ohhh..he puts on a good act. but his still...with her. ...there is a hope. Outlook good
8450395 951548 he's younger than me. he CAN heal Better not tell you now
8450394 951548 he runs...he is a big mouth...but air. its talk talk... Most likely
8450393 951548 yeah. teh ONLY find healing? to...acknowledge...your hurting. SCREAM IT..ROAR IT...but...face it. Without a doubt
8450392 951548 the most TRAUMATIZED...relive something over and a record...that repeats...only...its never ...over. its...trauma. it sticks to you like tar. NO!
8450391 951548 I understand his pain. I do. i lived it to. But...he needs press the off button...get him help Signs point to yes
8450390 951548 its either HIM. or a girl he LOVED. ...someone was hurt. Count on it
8450389 951548 yes...or his daughter..or wife...was RAPED. someone he loved. ...or murdered. This is...the ONLY thing...that would cause...sooo much anger..and ...deep rooted pain Not in a million years
8450388 951548 the ONLY thing...that could cause a man to be THiS Full of a rape. ...someone harmed him...sooo deeply...his soul bleeds...daily. My reply is no
8450387 951548 you are grieve. you are ALLOWED to hate. ..but...then? ...lay it down. and walk away. Outlook not so good
8450386 951548 Lets put this ...pain of yours...on the table. ...get it out. but...get it out of your system My sources say no
8450385 951548 yeah. no one wants to talk. its all about...REVENGE> ...i understand. i was there to once. I wanted to KILL. the men that raped me. I did. I DREAMED..and ...begged God. As I see it, yes
8450384 951548 Yeah m8 htey are. ...and ...rape is shameful enough...when you are a child. or a woman. its...almost UNBEARABLE...when you are a man. My sources say no
8450383 951548 i know...MOST inmates..are raped. its a known fact. My reply is no
8450382 418506 I pleasured mai 30 minutes ago Signs point to yes
8450381 418506 anyway! ... mai Outlook good
8450380 951548 you gotta let go of your past. I know it hurts to heal. to be betrayed. I KNOW> more than you can imagine. i UNDERSTAND. but all your hate...won't heal you. its just making you bitter. like poison. Count on it
8450379 418506 missed it sorry Yes
8450378 930701 Am I overthinking it? It is certain
8450377 951548 no going back. no "revenge" will EVER heal your dying soul. Signs point to yes
8450376 951548 love can heal you. you can call me crazy. i dont care. but you act ...psycho. you NEED help. you can blond hair...till your blue in the will NEVER get back...that lost time. I should know. I spent 15 yrs...chained to a bed. Drugged. So...stop your pity party. and get on with living your life. Outlook good
8450375 951548 holding a grudge...isn't solving your hate. its making your worse. its been about...11 yrs...and you are STILL here...hatefilled are you ever gonna...get on with living your life.? As I see it, yes
8450374 951548 stop acting like a ...girl. you act like such a witch Not in a million years
8450373 951548 if you ARE innocent. the ...innocent project. They can help you. IF you are guilty? ...pick yourself up..and go on Count on it
8450372 951548 He was in prison. ...not just a simple...2 days in jail. I am willing ot bet...he was in PRISON Signs point to yes
8450371 951548 yeah it does. he acts...sooo full of hate. Concentrate and ask again
8450370 951548 if you were raped...get over it. I was to. LIFE goes on My reply is no
8450369 951548 why do you HATE ...sooo much? its irritationg. Outlook not so good
8450368 951548 Julio..and prunes go with a constipated julio Reply hazy, try again
8450367 951548 or a good ol ripe PRUNE NO!
8450366 951548 Hey dumb ass...try eating...SALAD Signs point to yes
8450365 951548 awww...poor JULIO...he's got ...constipation. Give him an EX LAX Yes
8450364 951548 hey JULIO...are you a bitter pill? ...did life not GIVE you...what you wanted? Yes
8450363 951548 come on in PIG> oink oink oink...its YOUR slop. Come on in...time for JULIO to eat. Most likely
8450362 951548 Julio. oooh Tom. ...Dr. Kevorkian. is calling your name. . As I see it, yes