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the Magic

Is Corlando the man for me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8450453 740071 Is Corlando the man for me It is decidedly so
8450452 740071 Is Bryon the man for me My sources say no
8450451 740071 Is cam thinking about me Outlook good
8450450 740071 Will I meet Corlando at the movies this weekend My reply is no
8450449 740071 Is Robert Will thinking’ about me My reply is no
8450448 740071 Will the money I have save my lights from getting turned off tomorrow Signs point to yes
8450447 740071 Is tomorrow Wednesday Yes - definitely
8450446 740071 Is today Monday Most likely
8450445 740071 Will my lights get turned off tomorrow? Count on it
8450442 834544 Has Lindsay kissed him Count on it
8450441 92844 Will Del’acia leave plus NO!
8450440 92844 Will my mind open so much further My sources say no
8450439 92844 Will I get an opportunity to go back to school soon Without a doubt
8450438 92844 Will people really be jealous when I obtain this defree It is decidedly so
8450437 92844 Will I ever become doctor trcr Cannot predict now
8450436 92844 Will I become a doctor someday Not in a million years
8450435 834544 Has Lindsay cheated on her husband? NO!
8450434 834544 Has Lindsay cheated on her husband? Ask again later
8450433 930701 Does everyone know "it"? It is certain
8450432 930701 Does everyone know? Not in a million years
8450431 930701 Did that give it away entirely? Yes - definitely
8450430 930701 Did gjhgv notice? Outlook good
8450429 930701 Is T... the one? As I see it, yes
8450428 930701 Was I not even thinking? Yes - definitely
8450427 73021 Beto thinking about me Most likely
8450426 73021 Beto thinking about me Reply hazy, try again
8450425 930701 Is there someone? Count on it
8450424 92844 Will my body feel better after wards Most likely
8450423 418506 are you a crystal toter Signs point to yes
8450422 92844 Do I need a laxative It is decidedly so
8450421 92844 Will my clon be clear before I leave Outlook good
8450420 930701 Is he somewhat attracted to me? Signs point to yes
8450419 92844 Will I do a cleanse before I leave Cannot predict now
8450418 92844 Will my hubby love me more upon our return Yes - definitely
8450417 92844 Wil my hubby say it was great NO!
8450416 951548 he can't keep spewing this hate...YEARS and YEARS...holding a grudge. its gotta end. It is certain
8450415 92844 Will this be an absolute wonderful vacation It is decidedly so
8450414 951548 i'm just saying...he' capable...of healing. Yes
8450413 951548 Ask? ...there is nothing to ask. Outlook not so good
8450412 951548 I was mexicans...years ago. Concentrate and ask again
8450411 951548 Okay. i wish i knew...who he really is. Most likely
8450410 951548 is he the man...that tortured me? ...2005?? My reply is no
8450409 951548 yes. its not beyond him. I just KNOW. Outlook good
8450408 951548 you will NEVER find true healing...until you...can yourself. ... My reply is no
8450407 951548 his meant to be a blessing. ...IF he is teh freak...he is meant to BLESS lives... As I see it, yes
8450406 951548 yeah..he made some ...HORRIBLE mistakes. I wont say he didnt. but...he CAN...heal. Outlook good
8450405 951548 is he the German? the NAZI? he him? ... As I see it, yes
8450404 951548 did he...rape me? is he that guy? and now...he's be here? Yes
8450403 951548 i kinda know...he' of the controllers. pretty sure. NO!
8450402 951548 he's ..the freak? Without a doubt