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the Magic

James I s breaking up with me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8634665 417341 James I s breaking up with me As I see it, yes
8634664 493889 Should I sleep this morning? My reply is no
8634663 493889 Should I go hunting this morning? Yes
8634662 429037 Will I talk to Ethan tomorrow Outlook not so good
8634661 429037 Will I get called for entre nos NO!
8634660 350101 should i look outside of long beach Outlook not so good
8634659 350101 is it smart to try to move in the next two weeks? Outlook good
8634658 350101 does adrian find me attractive NO!
8634657 350101 does adrian think about me out of work It is decidedly so
8634656 350101 does adrain have a crush on me NO!
8634655 12651 I have a hot new girlfriend at the chyna shtaaar Outlook not so good
8634654 350101 should i wait another month to save Outlook good
8634653 350101 will we love eachother when we move into 1643 locust Outlook not so good
8634652 350101 will we be happy in 1643 locust My sources say no
8634651 350101 so will 1643 locust be our first apartment together? It is certain
8634650 350101 should i continue to look at better apartment options Not in a million years
8634649 350101 will we be happy in that unit? Reply hazy, try again
8634648 350101 will we be happy in that unit? NO!
8634647 350101 should i apply me and kavaia for the unit on 1643 locust ave As I see it, yes
8634646 1013367 should i snap him? Better not tell you now
8634645 192051 will rob and I get married Most likely
8634644 192051 will she wnat to be part of my family Signs point to yes
8634643 192051 will she eventually be close to me Most likely
8634642 192051 will I be her fun grandma Signs point to yes
8634641 192051 will she prefer Jean over me NO!
8634640 192051 will they have just 1 child It is decidedly so
8634639 192051 will I file for grandparents visits Not in a million years
8634638 192051 is ben better than us Ask again later
8634637 192051 is steph better than us NO!
8634636 192051 will I get to see her kids Most likely
8634635 192051 does she think she is better than us Yes
8634634 192051 does she wnat us to stay in her life Very doubtful
8634633 192051 is this what she wants Reply hazy, try again
8634632 192051 is he forcing this on steph As I see it, yes
8634631 192051 will ben want to box us out of their lives Yes - definitely
8634630 192051 will I look good enough for rob Signs point to yes
8634629 192051 if I lose weight will I look good if I dress classy Very doubtful
8634628 192051 will I be beautiful some day My reply is no
8634627 192051 will I be beautiful some day with a beautiful husband and home Very doubtful
8634626 592081 22,37 Bonus ball 21 on uk Teatime are they going to apear today? Most likely
8634625 192051 does she fit better with the Petri's As I see it, yes
8634624 192051 will we happy without steph around As I see it, yes
8634623 192051 will steph leave us It is decidedly so
8634622 592081 How accurate these numbers 1,14,25,49 on 49 uk lunchtime? Not in a million years
8634621 192051 will that upset her Count on it
8634620 192051 will Jon and Danielle get more than her It is certain
8634619 192051 will I take steph out of my will My reply is no
8634618 192051 will jon have children It is certain
8634617 192051 will jon get married Very doubtful
8634616 192051 will she have a mate Yes - definitely