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the Magic

Will my family say I gave a lot in my life

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8666715 92844 Will my family say I gave a lot in my life Without a doubt
8666714 204987 No 19 in for lunchtime As I see it, yes
8666713 340683 Bonus ball is it 10 today Without a doubt
8666711 92844 Will she ever clean up after herself Yes - definitely
8666710 454771 Bonus ball for uk 10 today Most likely
8666709 92844 Will cee finish school Yes - definitely
8666708 92844 Will cee get a job Outlook not so good
8666707 204987 Is bonus ball for uk low today It is certain
8666706 92844 Will my family say I am happy Yes
8666705 92844 Will I for fill my destiny in life My sources say no
8666704 92844 I was suppose to marry before my mom died Ask again later
8666703 92844 I was not ready to be a wife Very doubtful
8666702 92844 That is the problem with my past Most likely
8666701 92844 I married way too young Yes - definitely
8666700 92844 I would have married a more educated one Most likely
8666699 344206 So Kinnedy, despite her disapproving tone using the phrase “white people,” does not want to see a white genocide, and Kinnedy does not hate all Caucasians based on the fact that they are Caucasian, she would be friendly to Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Asian, and Mediterranean people because she judges more on personality, not race, am I completely correct? It is decidedly so
8666698 92844 I would not have married the man I am with Outlook good
8666697 92844 If I got my degree before marriage I would not have married Signs point to yes
8666696 92844 If I would have gotten my degree young I would not have married Ask again later
8666695 344206 Were 866693 and 866694 all lies? Yes - definitely
8666694 344206 Were 866693 and 866694 all lies? Ask again later
8666693 344206 Was 866692 a lie? My sources say no
8666692 344206 Kinnedy, despite her disapproving use of the phrase “white people” she truly does not hate all Caucasian people, for example Kinnedy does not hate me, Abbey, or Eddie, and all three, including Kinnedy, herself, are all Caucasian, therefore she does not have an immediate bias against whites people, am I correct? Not in a million years
8666691 92844 Will 6000 turn into 6000 by the end of the year 2021 It is decidedly so
8666690 92844 Will I have at least 6000 by December 30,2021 in stocks Yes - definitely
8666689 92844 Will I be worth a at least 6000 investments by December30,2020 Without a doubt
8666688 92844 Will I make the right investments Concentrate and ask again
8666687 92844 Will I be given more opportunity because I was gone Yes - definitely
8666686 92844 Will this be full of challenges Not in a million years
8666685 92844 Is she ready for the job It is certain
8666684 92844 Will the new Warden be turn Yes
8666683 92844 Will the Warden be very fair Concentrate and ask again
8666682 92844 Will we get a new Warden Without a doubt
8666681 92844 Will Mrs john leave the facility Count on it
8666680 92844 Will I find it in every area but my daughter Count on it
8666679 92844 Will I find joy confidence and competence this year My reply is no
8666678 92844 Will I ever be happy with my entire life and confident Outlook good
8666677 1044978 Will I be ok Reply hazy, try again
8666676 951548 I'm gonna just fall asleep My sources say no
8666675 951548 Im.sleepy Ask again later
8666674 951548 I'm gonna rest As I see it, yes
8666673 128431 that's what's on offer As I see it, yes
8666672 128431 mila kunis was there ... people saw it NO!
8666671 128431 the password is Yes
8666670 128431 so look in the Very doubtful
8666669 128431 yeah, I agree motel6 It is certain
8666668 128431 I can upgrade us to the super8 Reply hazy, try again
8666667 128431 it's not a bad deal ... mc-gilligans Very doubtful
8666666 128431 hoag ... motel6... U H near walmart Most likely
8666665 128431 hode on , hunnies... I'll pick us some better lodging Most likely